Linden Hall competes in the womens 5000m during the Hunter Track Classic on January 20, 2018 in Newcastle, Australia.
(Jan. 19, 2018 – Source: Jason McCawley/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Linden Hall is chasing down our very best middle distance runners, moving into the top-10 on the ‘Australian All-Round Distance Stars’ ranking list – combining the 1500m, 3000m and 5000m. This came off the back of a tremendous performance at the recent Hunter Track Classic in Newcastle, where she smashed her PB in the 5000m, recording a time of 15.18.77.

As shown in the table below, it shouldn’t be too long before Hall joins the likes of Benita Willis, Sarah Jamieson, Madeline Hills, Genevieve LaCaze and Eloise Wellings in the top 5 on the ranking list – with her 9.12.00 3000m PB likely to smashed the next time she decides to run tat particular event. (note: her 3000m PB was set back in 2015). A sub 8.55.00 performance would see her push her way into the top-5.

So at 26 years old, where to now for the Victorian star track athlete? Well there was certainly a lot of talk about Hall breaking Jamieson’s National 1500m record, and that it still well and truly on the cards. However, away from records, Hall will be looking to add to her performances at major championships to truly cement herself as on of the greats of the track.

Bursting on the international scene in 2016, Hall went onto make the semi finals over 1500m at the 2016 Rio Olympics (only narrowly missing a finals berth). Then in 2017 she was knocked out of the heats at the London World Championships. After the race she simply said “Certainly didn’t plan on being done on day 1, but such is the tactics of 1500m racing sometimes 🏃‍♀️Luckily, Gold Coast is just around the corner” 🇦🇺💚💛 #TeamAus #London2017 #IAAFWorlds

This being said the Commonwealth Games is certainly a big opportunity for Hall to show her prowess on an international stage. It will be a quality field on the Gold Coast (even excluding star and British no.1 Laura Muir). After her early season form, all is looking perfectly placed for an impressive performance on home soil.

It’s interesting to look at the list below and see how they have performed at major championships, noting just how hard it is to produce top-10 performances.

  • Benita Willis
    • 5000m: 2000 OG (17th), 2001 WC (12th), 2002 CG (6th)
    • 10000m: 2003 WC (8th), 2004 OG (24th), 2005 WC (19th), 2006 CG (4th), 2007 WC (17th)
    • Marathon: 2008 OG (21st), 2012 OG (100th)
    • Other major performances, 2004 WXC Champion and 4th at both long/short course events at 2006 WXC
  • Sarah Jamieson
    • 1500m: 2000 OG (30th), 2002 CG (5th), 2004 OG (30th), 2006 CG (2nd), 2007 WC (19th), 2008 OG (13th)
    • 5000m: 2006 CG (5th)
  • Madeline Hills
    • 3000m Steeple: 2014 CG (4th), 2015 WC (16th), 2016 OG (7th)
    • 5000m: 2015 WC (16th), 2016 OG (10th), 2017 WC (19th)
    • 10000m: 2017 WC (26th)
  • Genevie LaCaze
    • 3000m Steeple: 2012 OG (22nd), 2014 CG (5th), 2015 WC (22nd), 2016 OG (9th), 2017 WC (12th)
    • 5000m: 2016 OG (12th)

Australian All-Round Distance Stars – Women

1Benita Willis14.47.6011878.38.0611804.07.0511493516
2Sarah Jamieson15.02.9011578.48.4111454.00.9311983500
3Madeline Hills15.04.0511558.44.2011594.06.4711543468
4Genevieve LaCaze15.06.6711508.45.81i11774.10.2011253452
5Eloise Wellings14.54.1111748.41.7811674.13.6310983439
6Kate Richardson15.10.7811428.48.4811444.07.0311503436
7Donna Gould15.27.3h**11118.44.1h**11594.09.5411303400
8Georgie Clarke15.24.0311178.55.9711194.06.5011543390
9Heidi See15.22.3611208.54.1311254.08.1511413386
10Linden Hall15.18.7711279.12.0010664.01.7811913384
11Anne Cross15.20.7811238.53.1711284.10.3411243375
12Kaila McKnight15.33.7710988.58.4611114.05.6111613370
13Krishna Stanton15.28.8411088.48.38i11684.14.8510893365
14Carloyn Schuwalow15.26.4311128.53.8711264.10.8h11203358
15Jackie Perkins15.38.3410908.49.6111414.11.0111183349
16Natalie Harvey15.22.5911208.53.6311274.13.2411013348
17Susie Power15.23.1811198.56.9311164.12.0211113346
18Donna MacFarlane15.46.4310758.50.6511374.10.37**11243336
18Melissa Duncan15.52.8910638.58.1511124.05.5611613336
20Lisa Corrigan15.54.6110609.00.3411044.05.2511643328

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